The Route to the Roots

We want to walk along the border between Slovenia and Italy, honouring the heritage of this area. We want to explore the roots of our belonging to our countries and our cultural identities and turn our walking into an artistic act, creating poems and stories along the way.


As shapeshifting poets, we see our walk as a path of belonging to the land through playing with the land. We want to follow what the land has to tell us and mirror it to the land itself, and to the people that live there. And because the story of this land is deeply wounded by the traumas of history, we wish to create poetic acts of healing through art and engage the local community through collective storytelling, creating events that can ritualize our common roots and our differences.


We wish to walk with our ancestors, listen to them in the voice and language of the people that we will meet, paying attention to the dialects where our two languages are deeply entangled. We see ourselves as two Fools dancing at the edge between two worlds and creating poetic acts from there. As embodied actors, practitioners of physical theatre, we want to walk the land to become the land: absorb the landscape, the patterns, the people, the stories and become them. Leave traces of our path in the form of poetry and storytelling.


And never the last – as long term colleagues and friends, teachers and students of each other, we want to explore the space in between us, which is the very essence of theatre, play and creation.


Alenka and Giovanni


Walk.1 with Alenka Marinič and Giovanni Fusetti – The Route to the Roots


2- 11 May 2023, Slovenian – Italian border


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