Don’t take it personally

Don’t take it personally
There are too many humans in this world
and nature is just trying to get rid of them.
Nature has had enough of this « out of control childish organism” that lives on its surface,
Penetrating its oceans, ejaculating into space.
Nature is trying to get rid of humans in creative ways.
One is climate catastrophes.
The other one  is distraction.
Nature is distracting humans so they won’t combine their forces and fight climate change.
Nature does not want humans to succeed, Nature had enough of them.
Nature creates distractions that humans call: Ideologies, religion, beliefs and so forth.
Nature creates Putins, and Jihadists.
It creates Trumps, Erdoğans, Xis, Bolsonaros, Ayatollahs  and Netanyahus.
Nature creates humans who are motivated by greed, power and status,
But tell stories of ideologies, religions and holy wars.
Nature creates Greta Thunbergs as false profits
so the last generation can follow them into its sweet fascist oblivion,
While feeling so good about themselves.
Nature creates young humans who adopt indiologies made in social media.
That give meaning to their empty lives.
They don’t know. No one knows. Nature makes it look as if it is a personal agenda,
Like it’s their life’s choice.
But no. Nature creates errors in humans.
So it can restrain this organism that got out of hand.
Nature distracts humans while finishing the job
of not having humans anymore.
Don’t take it personally.

Text by Inbal Lori

Drawing by Raschid Daniel Sidgi


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